balanced budget
In a balanced budget the estimated income is equal to the estimated expenses.

bank money
Money of people on a bank account which they can dispose of immediately.

An overview of all the income and expenses for the coming period.

budget line
By means of a budget line the choices you have can be pictured, at least if two possible spending purposes are concerned.

Budget Memorandum
The national budget is explained further in the Budget Memorandum in which the economic situation of the Netherlands is discussed as well.

corporation tax
Direct taxes which bigger companies must pay on the profit.

direct taxes
Direct taxes are levied on the incomes of citizens and companies, such as the payroll and income tax for citizens and the corporation tax which bigger companies must pay on the profit.

excise duties
A tax on products of which the government wants to slow down the use by making them more expensive. For instance: tobacco tax.

fixed charges
Fixed charges are regularly recurring expenses which a household has undertaken as an obligation, such as the rent, insurances and subscriptions. So for these expenses a contract has been concluded.

We speak of a household when you make economic decisions alone of jointly with others.

household expenses
The everyday expenses for shopping, such as foods, pets, presents and flowers, purchases of small household stuff, going out. It also includes the pocket money for the different members of the family.

indirect taxes
Cost-increasing taxes on goods and services

national budget
In the national budget the plans of the government for the next year are described along with the expenses expected to realise those plans.

pocket money
Money that children receive from their parents weekly or monthly, you do not have to do anything in return and which you can spend freely.

ready cash
Money in notes and coins in the hands of the public.

These are often bigger expenses, of which it is not certain yet when they must be incurred, such as the replacement or repair of a washing machine In order to have enough money to fall back on for making these reserve expenses, it is advisable to set aside some money every month, so to reserve some.

Saving means not spending part of your (disposable) income.

undeclared employment
Work for which the income is not declared to the tax authorities for taxation and social insurance contributions.

value added tax (VAT)
A tax which consumers pay on the products which they buy. Indirect taxes are taxes on goods and services.